notes, 2008-2014
In every city in the world there are emblematic images that one can find in tourist guide-books or significant events that dominate the public sphere. But there are also moments hidden or images so common that escape official discourses. Yet they form the actual centre of everyday life, even in its more dark aspect. In 2008-2014, apart from my personal journeys, I also took part, on behalf of various publications in a series of assignments to various European countries. From England to Germany, from Hungary to Spain, to Holland, to Moldavia, to the Czech Republic, to Slovakia, to Switzerland, to Italy,to Albania,to Jordan,to U.A.E, France and Belgium I tried, at the intervals of the assignments, to capture my passage from these countries, as a trace always active in my work but also as my conception of photography as a way to reveal its own reality at the intersection of photos seemingly irrelevant.