nowhere, 2009-2011
“Night is the stepmother of those in sadness Her milk, a sea in our sleep It dips from the sky It dips from our eyes Feelings scream at night Hungry wandering stray dogs And murderers wake up Underneath the stars” (Katerina Korizoi) Love, desire, hope, loneliness, pain, desperation, poverty, violence… All these are much more obvious after the sun has set. In dominant discourses night is associated with fear, identified to immorality and crime and is incorporated into a rigid but hypocritical moralistic frame that forbids it. However, feelings and lived experiences escape from these bans and slip away in the endless routes of a night that is usually much more beautiful than stressful days. That’s why the night, even in its most violent forms, always fascinates us more. Empty streets and lights turned off, playing cat and mouse with the police, bodies dedicated to pleasure, eyes filled with bitterness, a pendulum moving from the scream to total silence… Places, situations and people emerge only during nighttime. During the day they are almost invisible… They exist nowhere.