the fighters , 2012
The Free Syrian Army has the same origin with the government forces. It came from within the ranks of the government army in order to take up the task military organizing the Syrian Spring. After the violent suppression of the uprising in Syria from government forces, civilians along with deserters from the Syrian Army formed armed groups united under the flag of the Free Syrian Army. There are conflicting reports on its size. Government sources underestimate its size to some hundreds, whereas its own leaders claim to have more than 20.000 in its ranks and its growing stronger. It is comprise mainly of youths, who are driven both by rage against Assad’s regime and religious zeal, since most of them are Sunni and anti-zionists coming from poor social strata. Often they carry the burden of their parents’ trauma who had been persecuted or tortured by Assad’s regime. The fighters of the F.S.A are mainly engaged in guerilla warfare and sabotage in order to undermine the strength of the regular army and to safeguard their own positions.